Tacit Investment is an experienced investor with a strong capital position – a precursor on the luxury real estate market in Poland. By creating new product categories and implementing the highest quality projects in its class – it sets the tone for discussions about the future of the Polish top class real estate market.

Tacit Investment’s flagship investment is the apartment building Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 – which was put into use in 2014 – erected in the heart of the capital, next to the peaceful Grzybowski Square. The 44-storey high, fully glazed apartment building brings an element of modernity in a landscape famous for its historical contrasts. It is the first investment of this kind operating in Warsaw, which creates a completely new category of apartment buildings in Poland.

Tacit Investment is also the owner of Park Lane – a unique, cozy residence building for the most demanding customers, situated in a prestigious location in the immediate vicinity of the Łazienki Park at Podchorążych Street. It is a detached 8-storey building with an underground floor, with twelve spacious, luxury apartments finished according to the highest standard.

Other projects of Tacit Investment include well-known buildings in Warsaw, such as the Rialto Hotel, an exclusive sports and recreation club Sinnet, a recording studio Sound & More and an office building at Karowa Street.

The company belongs to the capital group controlled by Grzegorz Jankilewicz and Sławomir Smołokowski, shareholders of the energy company Mercuria Energy Group. MEG is also the owner of J&S Energy, a company well-known in Poland.




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